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comic pack Rebecca Steele 04

 RebeccaSteele, Machismo, Chapter 1

Upon receiving a well-deserved award, Detective Randall Stevens is reunited with an old friend not seen in a while. The incredibly attractive woman, who is none other than the powerful district attorney, Romina Powers, does not waste time and go after him. However, Rebecca, not invited to the event, but present there, has her own plans for Randall.
Drawn by Cabrera. 27 pages

After enjoying sex with Randall, Rebecca now must address her businesses. For that reason, she will meet with the US mafia leaders. However she will face Carlo Lupano, a young and impetuous leader who wants the same as Rebecca, the control and power on prostitution and drug trafficking in the richest country of the world.
Drawn by Cabrera. 21 pages

Rebecca and Carlo Lupano will solve their dispute in the only way they both know and prefer; sex and violence. The expression "winner takes all" never be so well used.
Drawn by Cabrera. 19 pages

The dangerous game of power continues for Madame Rebecca. Now she will deal with one of the most powerful mafia gangs in the world, the Russian mafia. In this chapter, after apparently getting a profitable agreement with the Russian mafia leaders, Rebeca is ambushed while Sheyla, her assistant, is seduced by the handsome Russian mafia leader 

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 Rebecca  Steele, From Russia  with  Love, Chapter 2.

The exciting adventure, full of danger, violence, and of course, rough hard sex, continues. A furious Sheyla will look for Rebecca, who will have to face the revenge of the thirsty for revenge brother of her most recent victim. Drawn by Lara, with cover of Bazaldua. 24 pages.

Rebecca will fight, both sexually and physically, for her life against the enraged brother of her recent victim. At the same time, Sheyla will have to do the same against Ivan, the handsome Russian mafia leader who betrayed her.

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