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comic pack Rebecca Steele 05

Romina  Powers, The District Attorney

Romina Powers, the District Attorney who has put her eyes on Randall, has a dark side that a blackmailer will try to use...to his own bad luck. Get to know this new character whose desire for Randall and power will be in course of direct collision with Rebecca Steele, the underworld´s queen.
Drawn by Cabrera. 32 pages.
Price: USD 4.95

Romina Powers has a hot date with Randall and it seems that she will fulfill her desires. But Randall is a first class detective and he may discover some dark things about the apparently unimpeachable district attorney.
Drawn by Cabrera 22 pages
Price: USD 4.95

Knowing the growing closeness between Romina and Randall, Rebecca has gone to look for him to ask for explanations about what Rebecca understood as a betrayal to her. This meeting just could result in a hot steamy sex session or in bloody bath –or both of them!!. Meanwhile, at the same time, Monica, a woman from Rebecca's past, is following her, waiting for the correct opportunity to take revenge on her.
Drawn by Cabrera 24 pages
Price: USD 4.95

After having a terrific sex session, Rebecca thinks that things with Randall will go well, but Randall seems to think different; and things will go worst when Romina makes a surprising apparition in Randall’s place. Monica, who had witnessed all this, decides that it’s time for her to act!!
Drawn by Cabrera 20 pages
Price: USD 4.95

Monica has kidnapped John and now she will get a big surprise when she discovers that despite having been a victim of Rebecca, she can still enjoy sex…and with none other than Randall!
Drawn by Cabrera 26 pages
Price: USD 4.95

Monica has been thoroughly enjoying her rediscovered sexuality with her prisoner, Randall. However, after being found by Rebecca, all the accumulated hatred between the two will emerge in a deadly fight.
Drawn by Cabrera 28 pages
Price: USD 4.95

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Rebecca will return to Japan to tell her local associates there, to stop their mafia practices and all the scandals that could affect their commercial society image. Some local mob leaders won’t tolerate that a foreigner woman tells them what to do and they will act against Rebecca. At the same time, Rebecca will must handle her attraction to the mysterious Retsudo, a local mob leader who wants Rebecca –and her power- under his control.
Drawn by Helena 31 pages Price: USD 4.95

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The local mob leader Aruato has kidnapped Rebecca and plans to enjoy and destroy her. Rebecca suspects that he is not alone in this kidnapping and wants to find out who else is behind all this, but first, she must survive the Aruato’s lust and hatred for her. Check the amazing ending of this story.
Drawn by Helena 34 pages
Price: USD 4.95

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Rebecca Steele's ELSEWORLDS, Red Rebecca

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comic pack Rebecca Steele 04

 RebeccaSteele, Machismo, Chapter 1

Upon receiving a well-deserved award, Detective Randall Stevens is reunited with an old friend not seen in a while. The incredibly attractive woman, who is none other than the powerful district attorney, Romina Powers, does not waste time and go after him. However, Rebecca, not invited to the event, but present there, has her own plans for Randall.
Drawn by Cabrera. 27 pages

After enjoying sex with Randall, Rebecca now must address her businesses. For that reason, she will meet with the US mafia leaders. However she will face Carlo Lupano, a young and impetuous leader who wants the same as Rebecca, the control and power on prostitution and drug trafficking in the richest country of the world.
Drawn by Cabrera. 21 pages

Rebecca and Carlo Lupano will solve their dispute in the only way they both know and prefer; sex and violence. The expression "winner takes all" never be so well used.
Drawn by Cabrera. 19 pages

The dangerous game of power continues for Madame Rebecca. Now she will deal with one of the most powerful mafia gangs in the world, the Russian mafia. In this chapter, after apparently getting a profitable agreement with the Russian mafia leaders, Rebeca is ambushed while Sheyla, her assistant, is seduced by the handsome Russian mafia leader 

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 Rebecca  Steele, From Russia  with  Love, Chapter 2.

The exciting adventure, full of danger, violence, and of course, rough hard sex, continues. A furious Sheyla will look for Rebecca, who will have to face the revenge of the thirsty for revenge brother of her most recent victim. Drawn by Lara, with cover of Bazaldua. 24 pages.

Rebecca will fight, both sexually and physically, for her life against the enraged brother of her recent victim. At the same time, Sheyla will have to do the same against Ivan, the handsome Russian mafia leader who betrayed her.

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Rebecca Steele’s Classic Comics Pack 3

This the beginning of Rebecca´s adventures in Japan. After expanding her businesses in Japan, Rebecca will have to solve personally a problem in her new cabarets, confronting the Yakuza mob face to face, who want to extortion her. She will hold the trouble in her hands…lityerally.
Drawn by Helena. 22 pages.



 RebeccaSteele: The Sword, Chapter 1
After solving the issue with a local Yakuza mob leader, Rebecca received an invitation. The unbelievable thing will be that Rebecca Steele, the seductress will be seduced and tricked by Shin, a young and apparently naïve man who represents the Yakuza mob, who still is chasing Rebecca. What will happen with our lovely madam?? Drawn by Helena. 19 pages


The strange mob leader Retsudo, the one who ordered Rebecca’s kidnapping, has a mission for her if she wants to continue having her clubs and her life in Japan. Rebecca will have to retrieve a ceremonial sword facing a mob lord, a rough and tough one, who had killed everyone who tried to stole his precious sword. Who will triumph over in this deadly sex combat? Drawn by Helena. 21 pages


Rebecca has got the sword and escaped with the help of Shin, who is now passionate about her. He expects the gratitude of Rebecca, but that is a dangerous hope. At the same time, the Yakuza mob leader Retsudo has his own plans for her.
Drawn by Helena. 17 pages


Rebecca  Steele: Diamonds are Girls’ Best Friends,Chapter 1

Rebecca will return to Japan in order to do some work for her associate there, Retsudo. Attraction and sexual tension between them will lead to a passionate and dangerous –for both of them- sexual encounter. But there will another interesting thing in this special job that Rebecca will do for her associate, a special job that will include rough sex and danger as always!! Drawn by Helena. 22 pages


Rebecca as a sadistic stripper in a XXX show??...Could be, but her real true goal is to rob a diamond property of an arab multimillionare. Will she get what she´s looking for, or will she be sold as a sexual slave after being raped by the savage arab??
Drawn by Helena. 24 pages


After the successful but extremely dangerous mission, Rebecca will have a visit from her associate Retsudo who wants check her, an always-dangerous matter with Rebecca. Enjoy this epilogue with a different twist from the usual endings of Rebecca’s adventures. Drawn by Helena. 11 pages


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Ninja Girl Book Three, Chapter 9

Here you have some samples of this comic.

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Rebecca Steele’s Classic Comics, Pack 2

Rebecca Steele:Serial Killer Book 1, Meet Baby Daddy, Part 1

Randall, an honest cop -if you ever have seen one-, investigates the killings of many prostitutes, which leads him to the underworld of the city and to an inexorable encounter with our beloved Madame. But, at the same time, the assassin has already put on his eyes in his next victim, his greatest challenge, Rebecca Steele!!.
Drawn by Cabrera. 26 pages.

New Reduced Price: USD 3.95


Rebecca is in the hands of Baby Daddy. The madman has the most malevolent plans for her, including a rough sexual assault and the worst possible way of die. Would Rebecca be able to survive this time??
Drawn by Cabrera. 24 pages. New Reduced Price: USD 3.95

Rebecca has been rescued by Randall from the hands of Baby Daddy, but despite that she is very attracted to him, she also knows that Randall knows too much about her secret “hobby”. Because of this, Rebecca decides to go to his apartment and end the problem once and for all.
Drawn by Cabrera. 18 pages. New Reduced Price: USD 3.95


Rebecca has detective Randall Stevens in her hands but at the same time, the serial killer, Baby Daddy, and an old “friend” from Rebecca’s past, who has returned to take revenge on her, are planning Rebecca’s demise.
Drawn by Cabrera. 23 Pages New Reduced Price: USD 3.95


Rebecca and detective Randall Stevens relationship seems to escalate into something totally new for Rebecca, while the serial killer, Baby Daddy starts his plan to take revenge on Rebecca
Drawn by Cabrera. 18 Pages New Reduced Price: USD 3.95


Rebecca Steele:Serial Killer Book 2, Baby Daddy’s Revenge, Part 3

The “brand new and updated” Baby Daddy has started his evil plan to take revenge on Rebecca,
seduction, rough sex and betrayal are the main points of his plan…

Drawn by Cabrera. 24 Pages New Reduced Price: USD 3.95


Rebecca Steele:Serial Killer Book 2, Baby Daddy’s Revenge, Part 4

Baby Daddy finally has Rebecca where he wanted, drugged and naked in his bed. And he is ready to execute his deadly revenge on her…
Drawn by Cabrera. 33 Pages  New Reduced Price: USD 4.95
You can buy this comic in http://www.bga-library.com/home/120-rebecca-steele-serial-killer-book-2-baby-daddys-revenge-part-4.html