miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

Rebecca Steele, Short Stories Pack 2

In Rebecca’s dreams and elseworlds, nothing is impossible. Check this superhot version of a very famous comic character, portrayed by Rebecca. Full of rough sex and action!!  
Drawn by DracoWhip 16 pages
Price: USD 3.95

Porkum, the pervert but lovely character of our friends of SuperheroineComixxx, meets Rebecca!!...Enjoy this clash of titans!!  
Drawn by Zgannero 48 pages
Price: USD 3.95

Rebecca will have a night of pleasure with a –let’s say- celebrity. Jaime is worried about the people who saw Rebecca and his newest victim…but the end won’t be what you expected!!
Drawn by Lavin, 19 pages
Price: USD 3.95

In her dream world, Rebecca will meet this famous comic character!!...lots of sex and violent action, but…was it a dream??...
Drawn by Lavin, 15 pages
Price: USD 3.95

Rebecca will have to face a problem with one of her girls. She will think that the solution is real simple –kill the pimp- but the guy will surprise her…in a deadly way!!
Drawn by Lavin 39 pages
Price: USD 4.95

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