lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Rebecca Steele, Short Stories Pack 1

After seing a movie, Rebecca will have a dream. Check the wildest dream you can ever imagine and then multiply it for ten!! Sex in Rebecca’s unique style!!  
Drawn by DracoWhip 16 pages
Price: USD 3.95

In this alternate universe, Rebecca will meet the prince of the darkness. After lots of hot steamy sex you will discover who is the monster here!!
Drawn by Raul Arianes 26 pages
Price: USD 3.95

This time Rebecca will meet with another monster. Although she is not afraid of anything, this surprising encounter could be too much for her, sexually and deadly speaking!!
Drawn by Raul Arianes, 33 pages
Price: USD 4.95

Rebecca will have the weirdest dream with a well-known superhero. But this initially hot dream will be turned into a nightmare!!. This will be a really deadly match of titans!!. Full of rough action and sex, of course!!...
Drawn by Raul Arianes, 46 pages

Rebecca is dreaming again. This time, imagine the world of Ghita of Alizar, but with Rebecca as the main character!!...Watch out for the hottest sex and bloody action you ever see in a fantasy comic!!
Drawn by Raul Arianes, 15 pages

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