martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

Rebecca Steele’s Classic Comics Pack 9

Rebecca is a bit bored and wants some action. Yes, the action you are guessing. The opportunity for Madame Steele is the necessity to punish a pimp who beat one of her girls. She will take herself of applying the punishment properly but she will receive a surprise, a really big surprise!!. Enjoy Rebecca in her very first interracial story!!
Drawn by Lavin 18 pages

After being abused by the extremely well gifted prisoner, it seems that Rebecca is at the mercy of him. But all we know that Rebecca won’t be defeated so easily. Really rough sex action and violence here, watch out!!
Drawn by Lavin 14 pages

While Romina is sealing their alliance with a mob in a very hot way, Randall cheats on Rebecca with Anne. Randall is playing a very dangerous game because Rebecca wouldn't forgive that. Hot, steamy and interracial sex here!!
Drawn by Tito, 17 pages

Anne has new partners for her future war against Rebecca. At the same time, Rebecca was very close to discover Randall but she didn’t. But when she demands Randall her usual dosage of sex, she is surprised that Randall is asking for a brake (after all the sex he had with Anne, before Rebecca came, he is a bit exhausted). Rebecca will begin to suspect that something bad is going on. Rebecca does not know how right she is.
Drawn by Tito, 25 pages

Rebecca does not believe that Randall is cheating on her. However, she has a disturbing dream about him. Lots of sex and the unbelievable happens in this story.

Drawn by Mahdi 26 pages

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